Providers’ Clinical Support System

For Medication Assisted Treatment
What We Do

PCSS-MAT is a national training and clinical mentoring project developed in response to the opioid use disorder crisis. The overarching goal of PCSS-MAT is to provide the most effective evidenced-based clinical practices in the prevention, identification, and treatment of opioid use disorders. These are available to all health professionals at no cost and include:

  • Online modules
  • Webinars
  • Small Group Discussions with experts
  • 8 hour MAT waiver training course

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PCSS Discussion Forum ›

The PCSS Discussion Forum allows you to discuss MAT and opioid prescribing related questions and issues with your colleagues and the PCSS Mentors.

Please note that this discussion board is for educational purposes only. Participants agree that they will not rely on this information while treating patients or providing other professional services. Questions should not include patient specific information but should be general in nature. Please reach out to an administrator with any questions.