PCSS-MAT Mini Grant Round 2 Announcement

May 1, 2014

Dear PCSS-MAT Steering Committee members,

On behalf of PCSS-MAT and our Partner Organizations, we are pleased to announce the following PCSS-MAT Mini Grant Round 2 awardee:

  • American Association for the Treatment of opioid use disorder (AATOD) has been awarded a PCSS-MAT Mini Grant for their proposal “Increasing the Collaboration Between Opioid Treatment Programs and DATA 2000 Practices through Patient Referral.” Funds will be used to develop collaborative patient referral models so that OTPs will be working with DATA 2000 practitioners. The primary objective is to improve the relationship between OTPs and DATA 2000 practices, breaking down current barriers to provide effective medical and clinical services to patients in DATA 2000 practices. OTPs have been treating opioid addicted patients for the past 50 years and there are a number of extremely mature systems in the country, which are all under SAMSHA’s regulatory authority in addition to State Opioid Treatment Authorities. Another objective will be to educate DATA 2000 practitioners with regard to the services that are available in OTPs. AATOD will continually track the referral of patients between OTPs and DATA 2000 practices for approximately 25 OTPs. We would request monthly reporting from the participating OTPs into the AATOD office and keep Dr. Stoller informed of this progress.

We look forward to working more closely with each organization and sharing highlights and successes of their projects as they move forward.