Article: Treatment Strategies for Older HIV Patients Recently Updated on

 Treatment Strategies for Older HIV Patients Recently Updated on

Washington, DC: The American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM), ACRIA, and the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) today announced that nearly half of the chapters within the report Recommended Treatment Strategies for Clinicians Managing Older Patients with HIV, the first clinical treatment strategies for managing older HIV patients, have now been updated. Originally released in 2011, the report has emerged as the premier resource for managing HIV in older patients. The report resides on, the go-to online site for clinicians seeking best practices for managing the care of older HIV patients.

The following chapters have now been updated and are currently posted:

Assessing Frailty and Functional Capacity
When to Initiate Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV and Aging
Smoking Cessation in HIV and Aging
Diabetes Mellitus in HIV and Aging
Drug-drug Interactions and Polypharmacy in HIV and Aging
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in HIV and Aging
Osteoporosis in HIV and Aging
The Kidney in HIV and Aging
Hypertension in HIV and Aging
Advance Care Planning in HIV and Aging

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